Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Not sure what to think

Just received a phone call from sister and her doctor seems to think that I'm having the same issues as my sister and he hasn't even gotten my blood results, heck I haven't even had them taken yet because I haven't started my period yet. They can't do the blood work until the third day of my cycle, how can you come up with this conclusion. You can just go off a few blood results and some ultrasound and come to the conclusion that I have conception problems.

I want this doctor to tell me how come on got pregnant so quickly? Tell me why I got pregnant twice within 5 months of each other? Tell me how I have my precious little boy? The doctor is suppose to give me a call this afternoon, I will also be speaking with my doctor and will let you all know what they have to say.

This is seriously insane and makes no sense. I wonder what his excuse is going to be next when we do get the blood results back and they are normal.

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