Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Sad News

I don't have good news to report. My AMH test results came back and the test showed my ovarian reserve is very poor (0.01), normal range is 0.70 to 3.5. So I will not be able to be an egg donor for my sister and more than likely the changes of me becoming pregnant again are very slim. Basically my biological clock has ran out.

When the doctor told me this all I could say was Wow, how can this be? I got pregnant twice within 5 months and I have a healthy little one year old. He said that I was lucky or something has changed in the last two years. He also stated that in the 25 years that he has worked he has never seen a woman get pregnant with the result that I had. I asked if the test can fluctuate and he said No. It gets even worse, he said that I will more than likely start menopause early, lucky me.

I do not believe in luck. I believe that God blessed me with Thomas and if its meant to be I will be blessed with another baby. In the end he has the last say, not some test or some doctor.