Monday, April 20, 2009

Our Journey

In the next few months my twin sister and I are going to be taking a special journey together. As many of you know we are identical twin sisters. We are very close. We have a connection that is unbreakable and very hard to explain. I have two other siblings who I love very much, but the connection I have with them is different. Brandi and I have a very special bond and we would do anything for each other, I would give my life for her.

Both her and her husband are wonderful people. They have been trying to have a baby for the last 2 ½ years. My sister also has Graves Disease and has had two rounds of radiation treatment to control the disease. For some reason she is having Ovarian failure and the doctors told her the only way she will become a mother is through a egg donor or adoption. Her uterus looks fine, so she can carry a baby. For some reason her body won’t create good quality eggs.

This is where I come in. I’m crying as I write this, just because I have seen the heartache this has caused my sister. Through a lot of prayer and all four of us talking and the fact that my sister means more to me than anyone can imagine, I’m going to be her egg donor. Our first appointment is May 27 at 9:30. We will be doing blood work, going over my medical history and meeting with a psychologist. Once they get our cycles regulated then I will have to take shots for about 2 weeks twice a day and the hope is they will be able to get 6-8 good eggs from me.

Since I live in Missouri and she lives in Illinois, I will have to drive down to Illinois for the first visit and then they will work with my doctor in Missouri for all the ultrasounds. When they retrieve the eggs we will have to go to Indianapolis since the fertility specialist works in Illinois and Indiana.

I have started another blog so everyone can follow our journey. My sister is also going to start another blog. Right now you can link to her everyday blog here.

Please keep us in your thoughts during this journey. I’m praying that it works and have faith that it will and my sister will become the mother she deserves to be. She is an awesome, kind, beautiful, loving person. She is my best friend and I know she would do the same for me. Our love and bond is so strong. So much love is going to go into creating this little baby. I just ask you keep us all in your prayers!

Click her to follow our journey and become a follower through this process!

God Bless!

Tim, Brandi, Me and Dustin