Thursday, July 30, 2009

Good news!

My TSH test result came back normal so we can rule that out! Anti ovarian antibodies test should be back in 10days and then when my friend finally decides to show up they can draw the blood for the FSH.

Thomas with his Uncle Timmy (my sister's husband)

Thomas with Aunt B (she means the world to me and is the best aunt in the world)

Please keep praying! Once the other's come back normal, then we can try again!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I’m going to be 100% honest with myself, this is emotional starting to take a toll on me. I don’t mean to be hateful, but I seriously want to rip my sister’s doctor head off. I just got off the phone with him. He wanted to know my thoughts and he did agree that his could just be a fluke thing, but also wanted be to keep in mind that there may be a possibility that I will have problems conceiving again. WHAT? I DON’T BELIEVE IT. Not until I see the blood work that shows that something is wrong. I want to scream, ARE YOU NOT LISTENING TO ME? PLEASE EXPLAIN HOW I GOT PREGNANT TWICE? PLEASE EXPLAIN TO ME HOW I HAVE A HEALTHY ONE YEAR OLD? If it’s genetic, wouldn’t I’ve had problems getting pregnant before this?

Now he’s telling me that I may not start my cycle for another 6 weeks? WHAT? You just said last week that I should start sometime this week? I’ve called the Reproductive doctor to see if we can go ahead and get the blood work done for the TSH and anti ovarian bodies, since we don’t have to wait on my cycle. The FSH blood work has to be drawn on day 3 of my cycle. Waiting for a nurse to call me back.

Not sure what to think

Just received a phone call from sister and her doctor seems to think that I'm having the same issues as my sister and he hasn't even gotten my blood results, heck I haven't even had them taken yet because I haven't started my period yet. They can't do the blood work until the third day of my cycle, how can you come up with this conclusion. You can just go off a few blood results and some ultrasound and come to the conclusion that I have conception problems.

I want this doctor to tell me how come on got pregnant so quickly? Tell me why I got pregnant twice within 5 months of each other? Tell me how I have my precious little boy? The doctor is suppose to give me a call this afternoon, I will also be speaking with my doctor and will let you all know what they have to say.

This is seriously insane and makes no sense. I wonder what his excuse is going to be next when we do get the blood results back and they are normal.


My sister and I and are husband have been going through a lot these last few months. As you all know my sister can not get pregnant on her own due to her thyroid disease and the anti-ovarian antibodies in her blood stream. We were suppose to have egg retrieval on Monday, but unfortunately I did not respond to any medicine. This could be due to a lot of factors. First thing is they need to rule out that I'm not starting to have the same issues as my sister. So once those blood test come back normal, we will try again. It also could have been just a fluke thing, bad batch of medicine, medicine not absorbing into my blood stream due to lack of fat on my body or I ovulated on my own. After speaking with my doctor she agrees that I'm very healthy and have no issues with irregular cycles and that it was a fluke thing.

This next time around I will inject the medicine into my stomach instead of my thigh due to the muscle in my thigh. I was bruising a lot, so the doctor thinks that I could have been injecting it into the muscle instead of fat.

I'm not going to lie, I was extremely heartbroken (and cried for days). But not for me, for my sister. I want this so badly to happen for them. But I have total faith in God and know he will take care of us and in the end this will work.

Please keep praying for us.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

First sono and blood work

Had my first sono and blood work done yesterday. The sono look great, the doctor was really happy with the result. They are still waiting for the blood work to get back. Yesterday they took nine big tubes of blood from me. I felt like I was going to faint after the fifth one, I didn't know I had that much blood in my body!

I'm still on my lupron shots and I start the other three shots this Friday. So I will be taking three shots in the morning and one in the evening. Sometime between the 25-28 they will retrieve the eggs. I have another sono and blood work on the 22nd of July and that should have a good idea when they are ready for egg retrieval.

So excited for my sister and Tim! I love my sister! She is the one person in this world, next to my husband, God and my family who's opinion really matters to me. I know that she will always be there for me no matter the situation!

Please keep us in your prayers these next two weeks!!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

This Friday is when I get to start sticking myself with needles. Not going to lie, I was a little overwhelmed when all the medicine arrived last week. Lots of needles and lots of medicine. I can’t even describe the feelings that are going through my head. Mostly feelings that I just want this to work for my sister! I have to keep having faith in God and know he will take care of her! She is very special to me and I know she would do the same for me and Dustin.